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YANLING Factory:


1.SMT: We have 4 SMT lines which can produce 80K pcs motherboards every month.


2.Assembling Line: Our workshop have three workshop line for assembling which we assemble the corresponding case , MB, RAM, SSD, WiFi etc. 


3.Testing Line and QC: Our testing line will pre-load the OS , test every port and every function of the machine. QC team will check the appearance of the chassis before we packaged.


4.Aging Test Room: We build the aging test room which comply a strict safety and quality standard. All of our product will need to be done the aging test (CPU and GPU 100% percent running) 24 hours before we delivered. 


5.Laser Engraving: We have two laser engraving machine which used for engraving customer’s LOGO , I/O port signs and customized icon. 


6.CNC Workshop: Our CNC workshop has 5 CNC machine which is mainly used for milling our chassis (it is a very important production process of chassis ).


7.Lab: There are vibration test machine, programing H&L temp test chamber, ESD test machine in our Lab. We will make exhaustive test for every our newly developed product.


8.R&D Team: We have one professional and experienced R&D team which focus on the developing of new product and customer’s customized product.


9. Warehouse: We have three warehouse which respectively used for semi-finished product, finished product and other accessory .